In-Home Pet Dermatology and Allergy Examinations

Is your beloved pet continually itching or scratching? Just as humans can, pets may also develop allergies to foods, environmental factors, and various other substances. If your pet shows signs of food or environmental allergies, our mobile veterinary team at WonderVet is ready to discuss the best approach for them and provide the necessary referrals when required. WonderVet offers convenient at-home pet allergy tests and dietary evaluations to correctly diagnose your pet’s condition.

Understanding Allergies in Pets

An allergy in your pet can manifest when their immune system overreacts to foreign substances in their surroundings. Their immune system attempts to combat this foreign substance, often leading to an allergic response. Pets may commonly develop allergies to food, insect bites, inhaled substances, and other allergens from their environment. It’s important to note that allergies can develop at any stage of a pet’s life.

Common Allergy Symptoms in Pets

If your pet develops an allergy, you may observe symptoms relating to respiratory, digestive, or skin issues. Allergies to airborne particles like dust, pollen, or mould can lead to symptoms such as sneezing, wheezing, or coughing in your pet. Dermatitis, a common skin condition causing itchiness, can also be a symptom of allergies, leading to increased scratching, rubbing, or licking of certain areas. Symptoms like ear infections and scooting can also indicate an allergy.

Dermatological Skin Conditions in Pets

Your pet’s external skin condition could indicate a deeper underlying issue. Conditions like ringworm or symptoms such as rashes can cause discomfort to your pet. During the at-home visit, our WonderVet veterinary team will provide a detailed examination of your pet’s skin and suggest any required diagnostics and treatments that your pet might need (additional charges may apply).

Treating Allergies and Skin Conditions in Pets

Accurate identification of the cause of your pet’s allergies might require at-home pet allergy tests and diet trials. These results can guide the development of tailored treatment plans addressing the underlying cause of your pet’s allergies. While our veterinarians can prescribe medication and provide dietary recommendations, referrals to a veterinary dermatologist may also be necessary.

Our Process

During the home visit, your WonderVet veterinarian will gather a comprehensive medical history of your pet to understand the progression of your pet’s symptoms. We’ll enquire about recent diet changes, relocation, and the seasonality of symptoms, which can be crucial in making a correct diagnosis. Diagnostic tests like cytology, skin scraping, cultures, or blood work might be recommended to exclude other potential causes for your pet’s condition (additional charges may apply). We might suggest medications, diet modifications, and supplements. If we determine it to be in your pet’s best interest, we may refer you to a board-certified veterinary dermatologist.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your pet has a persistent skin condition unresponsive to treatment, we may recommend consulting a board-certified pet allergist or dermatologist. Together, we’ll establish the best plan for your pet.

While most veterinarians can diagnose and treat common skin issues, chronic conditions that haven’t responded to treatment might necessitate a referral to a board-certified veterinary dermatologist. A veterinary dermatologist has specialised training in diagnosing and treating pet skin conditions, particularly allergic skin diseases.


If your pet is excessively itching, biting their skin and paws, or showing signs of irritation, like bumps and redness, it is a good idea to consult with your veterinarian. At WonderVet, we can examine your pet in its environment, reducing stress and promoting a more accurate examination. Simply use our website or mobile app to book a virtual vet consultation or in-home visit.

If your pet is suffering from chronic skin conditions, frequent check-ups with a dermatologist may be recommended. However, if their condition is well-managed and there’s no visible discomfort, annual check-ups may be sufficient. Our WonderVet team will guide you based on your pet’s specific needs and conditions.

Remember, our goal at WonderVet is to ensure the best possible health for your pet while offering the most convenient service for you. Let’s work together to ensure your pet’s comfort and health. Schedule your in-home veterinary visit today.