In-Home Veterinary Nutritionist Consultation

Maintaining your pet at a healthy weight can help them lead a long, prosperous life. Proper nutrition and weight management can reduce your pet’s risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, respiratory complications, and more. Regardless of whether you have a puppy or kitten, an adult pet, or a senior pet, nutrition is a crucial element of their total wellness and preventative care plan. An at-home pet nutrition consultation with one of our veterinarians is an excellent starting point.

Our Process

During an in-home wellness visit, your WonderVet vet will inquire about your pet’s diet, considering your pet’s age, breed, lifestyle, activity level, and any specific health concerns you might have. It’s also crucial to inform your doctor of any history of adverse food reactions or food aversions. Once we’ve gathered this information, we can make appropriate recommendations for your pet’s nutrition and refer it to specialists when necessary. We may also discuss dietary supplements such as probiotics, omega fatty acids, and other nutraceuticals that support your pet’s joint, brain, liver, and skin health.

Why is Pet Nutrition Consulting Important?

While it’s tempting to resort to internet searches and social media for quick answers to questions about your pet’s food or diet, a vet is always the best and safest source for expert pet nutrition advice.

Your pet’s nutritional needs will change throughout their lifetime based on their age. It’s crucial to have a reliable source to consult when you have queries about the best food for your pet, how much to feed them, or your pet’s optimal weight. A puppy’s or kitten’s nutritional needs will greatly differ from those of an adult dog or cat. Contact your WonderVet vet when you need pet nutrition consulting. Together, we can ensure that your pet’s nutritional requirements are being met.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our knowledgeable vets can answer any questions you may have and provide nutrition counselling for your pet during an in-home Wellness, Sick, or Virtual Vet appointment. Simply choose a home visit or virtual vet visit on our website or mobile app and indicate that you would like to discuss your pet’s nutritional needs.

During a home visit, one of our veterinary doctors will gather information about your pet’s age, appetite, weight, and lifestyle. Based on this information, we will make recommendations for your cat or dog’s nutritional needs. We can assist you in determining the appropriate formulated diet based on your pet’s life stage. We also consider any chronic illness that could be managed with diet and can recommend nutraceuticals as needed.

While WonderVet doctors are not board-certified nutritionists, our vets have completed a comprehensive curriculum. Visit the Australian Veterinary Association online for a list of board-certified professionals in your area and access additional information about pet nutrition.

There are certain steps you can take to help your pet lose weight, such as increasing their exercise and providing balanced nutrition. To ensure that your pet doesn’t have a medical reason for their weight gain, and to design a safe plan for weight loss, it’s best to schedule a general nutrition consultation appointment.

This is an excellent question and an important one to ask your vet. As a general rule, it’s best to feed your dog a vet-approved commercial dog or cat food and supplement their diet with home-cooked foods, using only dog and cat-friendly ingredients.

There are pros and cons to feeding your pet a grain-free diet. This decision should be made with your vet or pet nutrition specialist.