In-Home Pet Wellness Check

Pet Health Check

Wellness assessments are a pivotal part of ensuring your pet’s long-term health and joy. An annual health check involves a comprehensive physical examination, from head to tail, and a review of your pet’s lifestyle and home surroundings. Your vet will also discuss your pet’s diet and behavioural patterns and address any concerns you may have. Additional diagnostic testing and vaccinations may be recommended by your veterinarian (at an additional charge).

WonderVet offers same-day or next-day appointments in most locations.

Why Opt for At-Home Health Checks with WonderVet?

Ensuring your pet receives regular wellness assessments is one of the best ways to support their health. Depending on your pet’s health status or vaccination needs, more frequent check-ups may be necessary. For puppies and kittens, visits might need to be more frequent.

Once you’ve scheduled your home visit, our mobile vet and vet nurse will arrive at your doorstep. Many pets can feel stressed with car rides and unfamiliar clinical environments. By offering the examination in your home, we eliminate these stressors, which allows our professionals to better evaluate your pet and provide suitable recommendations. Schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our vets today, and let’s tailor a plan that best suits your pet.

Health Checks and Vaccinations with WonderVet

We advise integrating your pet’s vaccinations with their health check when possible. Regular vaccinations are crucial in proactive veterinary care. Many diseases can pose a serious health risk to your pet. Fortunately, we can bring the vaccines to you and ensure your pet is as relaxed as possible during administration.

Visit our Vaccination page for a comprehensive list of commonly recommended vaccinations for cats and dogs. If you’re interested in a pet wellness plan that combines your pet’s preventive care services into one easy monthly payment, the WonderVet Wellness Club might be perfect for you.

Telemedicine Virtual Vet Appointments

During a Telemedicine appointment, a licensed vet can provide the same consultation and guidance as with a Telehealth virtual vet visit, but can also diagnose, treat, and prescribe online vet prescriptions for your pet when appropriate.

Current clients and new clients located within WonderVet’s in-home coverage areas can book a Telemedicine appointment, as long as your pet has been examined by a WonderVet doctor within the last 12 months.

Current clients and new clients located within WonderVet’s in-home coverage areas, as well as anyone who lives in a state where WonderVet has a practice location, can book a Telehealth appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Puppies usually need 2-4 vet visits during their first year, depending on their vaccine history and age. Most adult dogs should have at least one annual visit, and senior dogs should have at least two visits a year (more if they have any health issues or conditions).

Similar to puppies, kittens should also visit a vet 2-4 times during their first year, based on their vaccine history and age. Most adult cats should have a vet visit at least once a year, and senior cats should have at least two visits a year (more if they have any health issues or conditions).

An annual health check for your dog is a regular checkup aimed at maintaining your pet’s long-term health and happiness. These checks are a critical part of your pet’s preventive care routine.

When you schedule an at-home annual health check with WonderVet, it includes a thorough physical examination of your pet and a discussion about your pet’s lifestyle and home environment. Our mobile vets may also recommend additional testing and vaccinations (for an additional cost).

The cost of your pet’s health check depends on your location and whether your veterinarian recommends additional services for your pet (such as vaccines and additional diagnostic testing).