Mobile Pet Neutering

At WonderVet, we have forged relationships with a network of reliable veterinary hospitals in our local area. This allows us to offer mobile pet spaying surgery for your furry family member, as well as other veterinary care services.

Benefits of Neutering Dogs & Cats

Neutering your pet has numerous benefits, including the prevention of unwanted litter, reduced risks for certain types of cancers, prevention of serious health complications, and potential improvements in behavioural issues. Unneutered female cats and dogs are at a higher risk of developing uterine infections and mammary cancers. Neutering is one of the most common veterinary procedures and is conducted daily. Our veterinarians at WonderVet will be more than happy to discuss the benefits and risks of mobile Neutering with you.

When to Neuter

The best time to neuter your pet depends on several factors such as age, breed, species, and size when fully grown. Our veterinary team can assist you in scheduling your pet’s at-home neuter procedure at a time that best suits both you and your pet.

Our Process

Once a date for your pet’s mobile spaying procedure has been agreed upon, our team will handle the rest. Depending on your location, your pet’s spaying surgery may be performed in our mobile clinic or at one of our partnering hospitals. As always, feel free to ask your WonderVet veterinarian any questions you may have about the procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

The appropriate age to neuter your dog can vary and is best discussed with your veterinarian. Typically, a small or toy breed puppy may be neutered between 6-9 months of age, but for larger or giant breed puppies, waiting until they are over 12-18 months of age may be more suitable.

Your female dog should recover well and return to her normal behaviour about three weeks after her neuter surgery, and her personality should not change. If you notice changes in behaviour, you should contact your veterinarian, as this could indicate that she is not feeling well or not healing properly.

Your dog will be under anaesthesia during her neuter surgery and feel no pain. During recovery, your pet may feel a bit uncomfortable, but she will be given pain medication to manage any discomfort. She should not be in serious pain. Your dog should start feeling much better within a week, but if she doesn’t, you should contact your veterinarian.

Your pet should start feeling much better after the first week and should be back to her normal self again after three weeks.