In-Home Puppy Health Check

Welcome the newest furry member to your family with our specialised vet visit just for puppies!

Our In-Home Puppy Health Checks and vaccinations are essential to ensure the health and growth of your newest family member. We provide all the core vaccines and additional “lifestyle” vaccines your puppy may need during its first year.

Puppy Wellness

We advocate for consistent Puppy Health Checks throughout their first year, as well as annual health checkups. Here, your veterinarian can also give necessary booster vaccines (for an added fee). Some pups might need more visits, especially if they require more booster vaccines or are beginning a new vaccine series. Protect your new puppy with a mobile vet visit – reducing stress for both you and your fur baby.

The Importance of Puppy Vaccination in the First Year

Staying updated with your puppy’s vaccinations is key for preventative health. Exposing them to many common illnesses can be hazardous if not vaccinated. Your WonderVet team can give these vaccines during your Puppy Wellness Exam while ensuring your pet remains calm and comfortable at home.

Common Vaccinations for Puppies:

  • C3 & C5
  • DHPP: Distemper, Adenovirus, Parainfluenza, Canine Parvovirus
  • Bordetella (Kennel Cough)
  • Leptospirosis

What to Expect from an At-Home Puppy Wellness Exam

Upon scheduling your Puppy Wellness visit, our travelling vet team will visit your home for a thorough checkup. The team will discuss your pet’s growth and pinpoint the best vaccination schedule. Additionally, they may advise faecal testing and start a deworming regimen. This series will persist throughout your pet’s life to counteract parasites, and for dogs, the risk of heartworms (at an added cost).

Frequently Asked Questions

The exam includes a comprehensive check, covering from the nose to tail, and a chat about your puppy’s growth. The vet then decides on the necessary vaccines, tests, and treatments (fees are separate from the exam).

Yes, our mobile vet can give all required vaccines to your puppy during its first year.

Typically, a puppy needs 2 to 4 vet visits in their first year, depending on their vaccine history and age.

When you schedule an at-home annual health check with WonderVet, it includes a thorough physical examination of your pet and a discussion about your pet’s lifestyle and home environment. Our mobile vets may also recommend additional testing and vaccinations (for an additional cost).

The cost of your pet’s health check depends on your location and whether your veterinarian recommends additional services for your pet (such as vaccines and additional diagnostic testing).