In-Home Dog Teeth Cleaning & Pet Dental Services

Did you know that up to 80% of dogs and 70% of cats develop some form of oral disease by the age of three? Pet dental disease is more prevalent than you might think. Ensuring your furry family member has a comprehensive check-up & mobile pet dental cleaning from your vet at least once a year is the most crucial thing you can do to prevent disease!

Why is Pet Dental Care & Teeth Cleaning Important?

Pet dental care is vital because bacteria in your pet’s mouth can spread throughout the body, potentially affecting their overall health and well-being. One of the most common severe outcomes of poor dental health is an increased risk of infection in your pet’s heart valves.

You can keep your pet’s teeth in excellent condition by taking preventative measures such as:

  • Regularly brushing your pet’s teeth, if possible
  • Ensuring your pet has regular dental check-ups during their wellness exams
  • Scheduling dental cleanings when your vet recommends them
  • Providing your pet with dental chews

How Does Mobile Pet Dental Cleaning Work?

Once your WonderVet vet has decided that your pet requires routine dental cleaning, we’ll carry out pre-operative blood work to ensure your pet is healthy. During a dental cleaning, your vet may discover unexpected problems that require additional services. These will be discussed with you on a case-by-case basis.

Our Process

Typically, your pet’s teeth are checked during their annual wellness exam. In this exam, your vet will determine if your pet needs dental cleaning. If your pet hasn’t had a wellness visit in the last 12 months, an in-home visit is necessary to assess your pet’s dental care needs. Once decided, your vet will carry out the required blood work to ensure your pet is healthy enough for the cleaning.

Cleaning usually involves scaling to remove tartar and plaque build-up near or below the gum line, followed by polishing. Polishing smooths your pet’s teeth, making it harder for plaque to stick and thus preventing future build-up.

Following the mobile pet teeth cleaning service, your WonderVet doctor will prescribe any necessary medications for infections and/or pain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Improving your dog’s dental health involves preventative measures such as brushing your dog’s teeth and scheduling regular wellness exams that include a dental check-up.

The top 5 signs of poor dog dental hygiene include bleeding gums, bad breath, discoloured teeth, loose teeth, and a decreased appetite. Other common signs include gum inflammation, chipped or missing teeth, and recent weight loss.

Besides regular dental care, feeding your cat a dry kibble diet, dental chews, and adding a dental rinse to their water can help keep their teeth healthy. For dogs, dental chews, raw bones, and certain dog-friendly fruits and vegetables (apples, carrots, and pumpkin) can help improve their dental health.

As highlighted earlier, there is a strong connection between your pet’s dental health and their overall health and well-being. Oral bacteria can spread into your pet’s bloodstream, potentially harming their liver, kidneys, and heart. Good dental care for cats and dogs can significantly contribute to their health and happiness.

Yes, chewing on healthy foods like carrots can help clean dogs’ teeth and gums. Carrots are a great treat for dogs as they are crunchy, low in calories, and rich in Vitamin A.