In-Home Pet Behaviour Consultant

During an in-home Pet Behavior Consultation session, our certified veterinarians can address your pet’s behaviour-related questions and concerns. Frequent behavioural issues in pets include separation anxiety and health problems tied to environmental stress. To schedule a Pet Behavior consultation for your pet, select the Wellness Exam appointment type and provide a brief explanation of your pet’s behaviour issues.

Our Approach

In the comfort of your home, our veterinarian will assess your pet’s age, breed, lifestyle, activity levels, specific health issues, and behaviour. If you have any particular worries about your pet’s behaviour, we can provide appropriate recommendations and referrals to a certified pet behaviourist. If an online pet behaviour consultation is what you’re looking for, a virtual vet visit could be an excellent choice, particularly if your dog exhibits anxiety or aggression around strangers at home.

The Importance of At-Home Pet Behavior Consultation

When you’re in search of general pet behaviour guidance, asking your WonderVet team for assistance is a good first step. Although we are not certified behaviour specialists, our veterinary doctors are trained to evaluate behaviour problems. Discussing your pet’s behaviour is part of our comprehensive examination process. By opting for a mobile vet visit, we evaluate your pet in its familiar surroundings, avoiding the additional stress of a car ride or an unfamiliar clinical environment. We also offer video consultation appointments, a suitable option for anxious pets. If your pet’s behaviour requires a certified behaviour specialist’s help, we can coordinate with a veterinary behaviourist of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Behaviour training costs are typically not covered by most pet insurance companies. However, a comprehensive in-home exam scheduled with WonderVet can address general behavioural issues. Although different from pet insurance, we offer a convenient WonderVet Wellness Club option – a membership-based wellness plan that includes services like home visits and unlimited telemedicine. If you are seeking formal pet training and consultation, we can refer you to a board-certified pet behaviour specialist.

The decision to euthanize your pet is profoundly personal and should be made in consultation with your veterinarian, a dog trainer, or a pet behaviour specialist.

Several pet behaviour assessments are available today. They aim to gather information about your pet’s behaviour and identify areas that require improvement and/or training. While we do not offer a pet behaviour examination as a standalone service, we incorporate questions about your pet’s behaviour and overall adjustment into every home visit and can provide referrals to a pet behaviour specialist if needed.

Certain pet behaviour specialists and trainers might offer online behaviour consultations. You can also address general concerns regarding your pet’s behaviour during a virtual vet visit with one of our veterinarians. Schedule an appointment today or join WonderVet Wellness Club, which includes unlimited virtual vet visits and the routine vet cares your pet needs.