In-Home Kitten Health Check

Celebrate the addition of a new kitten with our dedicated vet service tailored for your feline friend! Our Kitten Wellness Exams are a cornerstone for a happy, healthy first year of your kitten’s life.

Kitten Health Checks

Dedicated In-Home Wellness Exams for Kittens Kittens, like their canine counterparts, need unique care. Regular Kitten Wellness Exams are recommended during their inaugural year, alongside annual health check-ups where they can also receive booster vaccines if necessary.

The Importance of Kitten Vaccination in the First Year

Vaccinations are paramount to protect your kitten from prevalent illnesses. The WonderVet team is prepared to administer these during the Wellness Exam at the comfort of your home.

Common Vaccinations for Kittens:

  • Feline Distemper and respiratory combined vaccine (Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia)
  • Feline leukaemia virus

What to Expect from an In-Home Kitten Wellness Exam

When you schedule a Kitten Wellness visit, our vet team will come straight to your home. They will discuss your kitten’s progress and design a suitable vaccine schedule. They might suggest faecal tests, retroviral testing like FIV and FeLV, which needs a small blood sample, and propose a deworming regimen.

Frequently Asked Questions

This health checkup offers a thorough physical examination, a discussion about the kitten’s growth, and a proposed vaccination schedule.

Vaccinations typically begin from 6 to 8 weeks of age and continue until they’re around 16 weeks old. After maturity, vaccines get a boost after a year, then subsequent shots can vary from every 1-3 years.